Here is a delectable selection of hilarious comedy videos for your viewing enjoyment. To view the complete Sam @ Work video series (a series of videos recorded live from Sam’s office when no one is looking), please click here. For video from our live shows, please click here.

Audience of Two Frenches You

Audience of Two Live on The Matt Fried Hour, 12/12/2008

Ben’s Bachelor Party

Your Local News Headlines

The Best of Our Worst

The X4000 Backseat Driver Device

Ben @ Home

This Guy Hates Canada

Lionboy, Boy Lion

Sam Dingman: Discount Assassin (Episode 1)

Sam Dingman: Discount Assassin (Episode 2)

Sam Dingman: Discount Assassin (Episode 3)

Skeleton Fight

David Mamet Performed By Robots (American Buffalo, part 1)

David Mamet Performed By Robots (American Buffalo, part 2)

David Mamet Performed By Robots (Speed-the-Plow)


One response to “Videos

  1. Hey Audience of Two,

    I’m a member of the team at, a comedy website connected to Comedy Central dedicated to bringing videos made by people like YOU to the masses. I’m writing because I saw your video “Audience of Two Frenches You” and I thought you were funny! If you are interested in reaching a wider audience and entering your video into a competition for cash prizes and possibly an airing on Comedy Central, upload your video to our Video Tournament. The top three most viewed clips each week win cash and prizes!

    We’ve found that the earlier someone promotes their video, the better their chances are to winning. Remember, you can promote your video through your blog or on facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, E-mail, MySpace, other comedy websites or anywhere else you can think of. Often times, that’s the difference between winning money, and not. Creators have already won thousands of dollars, and the Tournament is only a few weeks old.

    If you have any questions or just want to hang out, drop me a line in the Creators Group or reply to We’ll be talking about the competition, and there will be special opportunities to nominate yourself for prizes.

    Thanks, and good luck!
    Julia Keimach,

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