Did you know Audience of Two started out as a radio show?  You will not be surprised to learn this when you listen to our incredibly awesome podcasts.

PODCAST #5: Flapjacks and Wizards (2/11/2009)

Podcast 5 will make you more ALIVE, by tapping your mindkeg with the following flows…

  • A dispatch from the secret island of Karkuthla
  • A song which is about the video game Halo, but which is also about Ben and Sam’s writing process, and also their friendship
  • An actual good song by the amazing Fiona Landers
  • The previously unknown connection between Alex Rodriguez and pancakes


Podcast #4: Flipsy (2/4/2009)

Podcast #4 drops RIGHT NOW–so get out your audio umbrella lest ye be pelted with the SONIC DROPS.  Wait a minute–don’t!  Instead, allow the brilliance-infused drizzlies to seep into your mainframe!  WHAT WE GOT THIS WEEK?!

  • Mork and Jork’s (wanted: one umlaut) Ikea Furniture Building Tutorial
  • Chords enjangled with the Klippan marvels (in other words, a song about a couch)
  • Director’s commentary on one of our YouTube videos
  • Breaking news from The Other Detroit

PODCAST #3: Thursday Thrills (1/28/2009)

These thrills will fill up any day of your week:

  • a new theme song of wonder and percussiveness!
  • Giant Spam Robot Impalas from Neptune!
  • So many eggs eaten by Ben!  INSANITY!
  • An extremely flimsy connection between Dick Cheney and John Malkovich!
  • Vampires and Snake Royalty!

PODCAST #2: Ring Ting Jimmy (1/20/2009)

Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States today.  That is the most awesome thing in the world.  The SECOND-most awesome thing in the world is our new podcast, which we can personally guarantee contains more jokes about hamburgers than anything on CNN right now.  It also features:

  • a trip to the horrifying Flesh Rodeo
  • a prediction regarding the Super Bowl
  • unsurprising-yet-depressing revelations concerning the Baltimore Orioles
  • a ventriloquist cat
  • a pun

Why are you still reading this?  START LISTENING NOW!

PODCAST #1: Crazy Secret Umbrella Tricks (1/12/2009)

In which you will find the following:

  • The Modern Theatre
  • Pirate Cinema
  • Super Smash Brothers, And How Sam Feels About That Game
  • The Secret Island of Moonjarvia
  • Fewer Umbrella References Than You Are Expecting

2 responses to “Podcasts

  1. So… why no podcast-specific RSS feed to, um, feed to iTunes?

  2. ‘Tis a fair question, good sir. We are workin’ on it! Stay tuned…

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