Audience of Two was co-founded in 2001 by Sam Dingman and Gerrit Hall. Its first incarnation was a late-night radio show on WSRN 91.5 FM, the college radio station of Swarthmore College.  It wasn’t long before they convinced DJ Flav and Ben Masten to join them in their small-hours lunacy, and together they wove a tapestry of brilliantly complex, multi-layered, allegorical storylines, hilarious goofy voices, and hastily improvised sound effects.  In 2003, they broke the world record for consecutive hours of radio comedy broadcasting with a 23-hour episode.  They have done no research to verify the claim that this is a world record, but who are you to challenge them?  What are you, some kind of nerd who walks around with head full of radio broadcasting records?  You should find yourself a significant other.  Other cohorts along the way included Lea Dinel, Cave Donners, Ben Camp, Ben Kabak, Neal Dandade, Ryan Budish and Evan Hensleigh, as well as celebrity guests Dan Savage, Roger Babb, Josh Breit, and Tedd Goundie. They also received endorsements from Aaron McGruder and Stephen Colbert, although these gentlemen probably do not remember recording said endorsements.  No matter!  Audience of Two knew them before they were a Big Deal.  A small but loyal band of followers has constructed a memorial to the radio show here.

Following graduation from Swarthmore, our idiotic heroes found themselves with the continued desire to create comedic mayhem, but without the benefit of a minimally-supervised, fully functional radio station.  They shifted the format of Audience of Two to a hand-bound print magazine, published monthly and circulated on the streets of Charleston, WV, Philadelphia, PA, and New York City.  However, as is well known, Kinko’s is a foul and evil place, plus Gerrit is a whiz with the internets, so they soon moved from print to websclusive, where their content has been featured on such sites as Fark.com, FHM, Slate, Raising Kaine, and the print edition of the Chicago Sun-Times.  During this period, they also almost got a book deal (really!) for their full-length parody of an SAT study guide (the working title was SAT: ire–get it?  Yeah?  Want to PUBLISH it?  Hey, where are you going?  Come back!), but they were eventually turned down by the same publishing house that published Tucker Max’s book.  The difference between Audience of Two and Tucker Max is that Tucker Max is a raving lunatic asshole misogynist, and Audience of Two is super-cool and awesome.

Audience of Two’s primary focus is currently live performance, and the main portions of this site are devoted to Sam and Ben’s awesome-sauce sketch comedy, but you can wander the storied halls of Ao2’s long, rich history by clicking here:

Look into my EYES!
Look into my EYES!



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