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It’s That Time Again…

OH SNAP SUCKAS–remember last year when we straight up WON THIS BITCH?  It’s time for that SHEEZY to happen AGAIN.

The madness begins anew on 10/21 at the PIT–get your tickets now and come help us rock peoples faces RIGHT OFF THEIR DAMN HEADS.


Ben Has To Make Wee-Weez

Pluggin’ Along

18 Over 8

Ben Is Punchy This Day

**EDITOR’S NOTE: For you eagle-eyed regulars who have noticed that we have flipped the script today, we apologize if this vexes you in any way.  The podcast will be up on Wednesday, and the 2vlog appears today in its place.  This is unlikely to occur regularly, this script-flipping, unless we feel like keeping shit on the Danger Tip.

Ben Takes His Wee-Wee Out

Our Canadian Ambivalence