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Video from SketchProv: “Authors”

Dudes!  We’re pretty sure you are going through your lives blissfully unaware of certain realities pertaining to the biographies of your favorite literary figures.  As such, watch the video above at once, from our opening night performance at the PIT’s SketchProv festival, and be educated.


It’s That Time Again…

OH SNAP SUCKAS–remember last year when we straight up WON THIS BITCH?  It’s time for that SHEEZY to happen AGAIN.

The madness begins anew on 10/21 at the PIT–get your tickets now and come help us rock peoples faces RIGHT OFF THEIR DAMN HEADS.

Audience of Two Frenches You

For Those Who Missed It: “Date Us”

A sketch from our summer show, Fantasy Airlines:

Audience of Two presents: Your Local News Headlines