Ao2 Live in Seattle, part 3: Grapefruit, Juicy Fruit

Audience of Two sketch comedy: it’s good for the soul.


Ao2 Live in Seattle, part 2: Klippan

More video hotjamz from our set at SketchFest Seattle!

Ao2 Live in Seattle!

Hey chonkyfires–we are posting clips from our set at SketchFest Seattle a couple weeks ago–TO GET YOU CHONKYFIRED UP FOR OUR SHOW THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, and also to remind you how much you want to dip your mindchips in our comedic hotsauce.  BUY TIX TO THE SHOW!  GIVE US FACEBOOK LOVE!  We burn for YOU, America.

Audience of Two’s Saturday Night Special

Saturday night at 7pm, Audience of Two will fire benign bullets of comedy into your brain!  Brand new sketches what we been road testin’ all summer in our various festival travels.  It’s the start of our monthly run at the PIT–Saturday nights at 7.  Tix, man, TIX!

Video from SketchProv: “Authors”

Dudes!  We’re pretty sure you are going through your lives blissfully unaware of certain realities pertaining to the biographies of your favorite literary figures.  As such, watch the video above at once, from our opening night performance at the PIT’s SketchProv festival, and be educated.

Audience of Two Accepted to SketchFest Seattle 2010!

We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be performing at SketchFest Seattle 2010 on Friday, October 8th at 9:30 PM at the Theatre Off Jackson.  More details to come soon!

Ao2 Attempts to Reclaim the SketchProv Crown

Sunday night! 5 PM! Get your tix!

We will be performing new sketches that we have been workshoppin’ during our travels this summer, and we are slambang excited to show them off to you fine peoples!