Audience of Two Presents: “Why Are We Friends?”

Audience of Two is proud to present an evening of brand new comedic merriment for your viewing delight this Friday and every Friday in March at 9:30 at the PIT for the meager sum of just $10!  It is an awesome and fantastic show!  But don’t take our word for it–here’s what The Onion’s Decider-NY has to say:

Somewhere between debilitating awkwardness and absolute commitment lies Audience of Two. Their latest show, Why Are We Friends?, answers its own question: Ben Masten and Sam Dingman have mastered the art of exploiting their relationship for comedic gain.

In their latest mix of bright sketch and song, the duo manages to sell even flimsy premises – a ditty about decimating one another in yet another game of Halo, for instance – with smarts and winning chemistry. It’s these same features that undoubtedly helped them to win last year’s Sketchprov Festival at the PIT.

“Why Are We Friends?” answers many questions:

  • Are you still making home-made knives? (YES)
  • Do personal chefs go to heaven? (THERE IS AT LEAST ONE THERE)
  • Is Binghamton the same as Yonkers? (NO)

We have also figured out why Ben and I are friends–OR HAVE WE?!  This post will not reveal the answer.  The only way to find out is to buy tickets to the show:

Check out pix from the show (by the ever-amazing Keith Huang) here!



2 responses to “Audience of Two Presents: “Why Are We Friends?”

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  2. I do not enjoy this video, as it is lacking in the weewee innuendoz.

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