Things Ben Has Eaten This Week #6


Things Ben Has Eaten This Week is a regular feature that is the result of Ben eating things during Ao2 writing sessions while Sam looks on in horror. Sam thinks there is humor to be found here, but take it from Ben: There is only pain.

A lot of times I don’t get a chance to eat before I do a show, and have to wait until later to grab a bite.

Since that can be any time from 9-11 at night, I’m usually pretty starved. Unfortunately, there are basically three options for late night eats around the PIT:

1. A terrible pizza place

2. Another, different, but equally terrible pizza place

3. Mustang Sally’s.

Sally’s is the bar where PIT performers gather and booze it up after the show. We get a discount on drinks and food. However, even with 10% off, the food is still ridiculously expensive, so I tend to eat a lot of fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks.

These things are not dinner.

So this week, I opted for a Cuban sandwich. So what if it cost $14.95? I was hungry.

It tasted like paper towels.

I ate the whole thing, and was still hungry.


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