Things Ben Has Eaten This Week #4


Things Ben Has Eaten This Week is a regular feature that is the result of Ben eating things during Ao2 writing sessions while Sam looks on in horror. Sam thinks there is humor to be found here, but take it from Ben: There is only pain.

I attended a birthday dinner for a friend at a barbecue place on Sunday.

I love barbecue.

When presented with a choice between pulled pork, ribs, and burnt ends, the only sensible choice was, of course, to order all of them. With beans and coleslaw.

My girlfriend tactfully tried to stop me.

“It’s too damn cold to open the windows for you tonight,” she said, “and I don’t want to hold my breath while you levitate.”

I ignored her. It turned out to be an interesting night.

Monday’s dinner: carrots, sauteed mushrooms and a vow (quickly broken) never to eat meat again.


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