A Brilliant Observation By Sam

banner01_01_overDo you know who I’ll bet is happy about the current popularity of the phrase “totes” as shorthand for “totally?”

Totes! You know, the umbrella company.  I’ll bet they are PSYCHED.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Cashmere Thoughts is an occasional feature in which the reader is given the privilege of glimpsing the contents of Sam’s notebook of potential material for Audience of Two shows. The contents of this post might just find their way to the stage of a theater near you!  On the other hand, the contents of this post may be roundly rejected by Ben and never again see the light of day.


One response to “A Brilliant Observation By Sam

  1. Shloppy SUsan sez you got the umbrally joint doodad. YAISH? Totes!

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