Sam @ Work 62: Drastic Measures


2 responses to “Sam @ Work 62: Drastic Measures

  1. Hi Sam.
    We had mice for many months. At least two (that’s the most I ever saw simultaneously). One of them was one of these Despereaux types: clearly too adventurous for the rest of timorous mouse society’s comfort.

    We named him Sniffers. We’d holler “Sniffers!” at him, disapprovingly but with undeniable affection, every time he’d peek out from the kitchen or from behind the TV stand.

    I would imagine the kinds of amok he was likely running during the long daylight hours when the apartment was empty. What adventures he must have. And indeed, I was right. It would seem that he spent his days in our home exploring it ever more thoroughly, always seeking to broach new territory. Which eventually led him to investigate the bathtub.

    Where I found him, one night, after I turned on the water to run a bath for my toddler son. Ah, poor Sniffers. What consternation he must have felt when he slipped down the wall of the white chasm whose rim he had surmounted, and found its every surface too slippy for even his nimble mouse claws to gain purchase. He hid himself among a few of my boy’s bath toys that had been left in the tub, but had no choice but to reveal himself once I began rummaging around therein.

    I drowned Sniffers in that bathtub that night.

    You might try that.

  2. what an epic tale of rodent conquest! this is both heart-rending and inspiring, and I shall be leaving a trail of food on the floor leading to the bathroom in hopes that Cardozo (which we have named our young mouse friend) will eat his way to his own demise. thanks for watching!

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