The Table King addresses the unwitting Prince.

The Table King addresses the unwitting Prince.

We did it!  Our sincerest thanks to all of you who came out to the shows (some of you came 2, even 3 times! We will endeavor to provide you with complimentary Mercedes, or, failing that, several Yuenglings!)–we couldn’t have done this without you, and we hope you will come check out our next show, about which we will send you numerous annoying e-mails!  Also, our thanks and admiration to all of the awesome groups we had the privilege of competing against:

Here is what Emily Hulme, one of the judges in the Finals on Saturday Night, has to say:

Audience of Two was deliciously weird. They had a great give and take between the two performers, and made good use of the wacky guy vs. straight man dynamic. And one of their sketches included a song which used the lyric “principal of awesome school,” which, you can’t beat that. Their other sketch featured the two players reciting a litany of health-related complaints that approached Beckett in terms of absurdity.




  1. Excellent press. You should add a section to list your press clippings!

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  4. congrats, and p.s. i like the new site look.

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