Sam @ Work 28: Sam @ Home

I am @ home this week visiting my family in Virginia. Here is a picture of a super cool lamp my mom made out of soda cans:

You can’t see the light-bulb part, but given your presumable familiarity with the phenomenon of Lamps, you can imagine what it looks like: bulb, filament, etc. Except it is more awesome than all other lamps, because my mom made it out of soda cans.

Also, I am reading Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins. This, too, is awesome (the book, not the fact that I am reading it). Here is one of the greatest passages in all of American literature:

“Magnificent!” exclaimed John Paul Ziller, pronouncing the word like he was a Kansas City intellectual describing the Louvre to his sister-in-law who’d called to tell him to bring his vacation slides over some other night because she’d burned the spaghetti sauce and the baby had colic. “Truly wondrous. Appraising it now I feel a bit like Bernard Berenson standing before Michelangelo’s ‘Temptation,’ ‘quaffing rare draughts of unadulterated energy’ and iching to get his cultivated meathooks on the heroic buttocks of Eve. Though in truth, due to its humility and patience, it’s less a Michelangelo than a Renoir: the roundess, the warmth, the rosy delight, the joie de vivre, the casual eroticism, the full and robust charm. It is at once a dramatically overflowing embodiment of the life force and an honest monument to the occasional genius of the plebeian palate.”

With that blast of language, Ziller stepped back against a fir trunk to gain a slightly more distant perspective on the thirty-foot hot dog.


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